Novistone - Luxury Sustainable Stone

Novistone is making luxury stone sustainable. Driven by the revolutionary material Plastcrete, Novistone creates natural stone alternatives from recycled sources.

All information is available on the website:


Enterprise Rollout Project: development and communication of a tangible value proposition of a viable Enterprise.

I fulfilled the role of CDO (Chief design officer). I worked primarily on the physical design and prototyping of the material, the visualisation of the product and the website.

I worked out how to prototype the material in the best way possible and created four full sized prototypes, and 20 material samples.

I designed the branding for Novistone to be classy and modern.

The logo was created to represent the modern, stylish replacement to natural proposed by the company.

I modelled 4 rooms to show off Novistone products in action. These were created in an average of 3 hours with assets purchased online.

A kitchen with a custom Plastcrete work surface.

A bathroom using Plastcrete custom surfaces, floor and metro tiles.

A hotel waiting room with Plastcrete tables.

Additionally, I modelled different furniture to show off possible Plastcrete products.