TV Advert - Fly Racing

During my placement at RHEON LABS (, I suggested that we create a Virtual test lab that we could "film" in. I worked on it for around 2 months. The advert comprised 100% of CGI made by me using Blender.

The final advert was edited and published by FLY RACING ( It featured on US TV 38 times with an estimated 10,000,000 views. It was also played in 6 stadiums during Supercross events.



First Airing: 04/01/2020

Last Airing: 14/06/2020

38 National Airings (US) - NBC Sports

TV impressions - 9,997,316

The advert featured on TV as well as in all screens of 6 stadiums during the supercross event!

Clips were also featured in the "Science of Supercross | Episode 65 (Helmet Technology) | Engineered by Kawasaki".