ClickCam | Modular Camera Stabiliser

ClickCam is a new camera modular camera stabiliser. It is aimed at an amateur audience of young video producers on the emerging mediums of internet video. With 14 different modular setups, the design fits many different situations.

Priced at £119.99 for the higher quality model and £59.99 for the basic model, the solution provides excellent value for money.

The backpack design allows for the entire system to be carried above a normal backpack, and provides a waterproof work surface to set up the system.


The development of this project was inspired by the single word "connections". I took this down the path of camera stabilisation with a novel way of connecting the parts together.

I used simple prototyping techniques to test simple designs during the early stages of the project. Once I had created a small tool kit, I could then be creative in the different setups.

I had fun testing with my classmates but I also tested with a range of people in the target demographic.

The final design was made of aluminium and dense machinable plastic.


I wanted to try and manufacture the project with high quality materials. This allowed me to test the design with a high fidelity system. It also taught me about how to select and process different manufacturing materials. I used CNC machining and metal turning processes during the process.


With the single one word starting point for the project,I used bones and shell as an inspiration point for both the aesthetic and the functional aspects of the design.

Logo Development

As an extension of the project, I worked to build up a brand identity and create a marketing strategy. Below is the development of the logo.

Thank you for reading!