Detective Office | CGI

This was the first rendered scene I created. I knew that I needed to learn through active work. There were so many challenges in the process of this render. I first had to learn how to create polygonal models. I have always used CAD software with a parametric workflow, so this change to more artistic tools and workflow was strange. Trying to create clean topology was tricky and necessary for texturing, which I was also totally new to...

These were some of the first models and were actually my first ever renders on Blender. I first had to learn how lighting worked. The angle poise lamp would help light my scene dramatically. I attempted to model some very complex objects such as the whiskey glass with ice inside. This is challenging in many ways due to the three different indexes of refraction, imperfections and the prevalence of caustics.

The cigars are procedural textured and the labels are straight from an image. This meant it had to learn the two most useful texturing techniques.

Continuing on, I found that I could build up the scene and add paper, textured walls and a nice desk. All of these items items have radically different method for texturing. The main problem I had was actually the geometries. I was experimenting and having to teach myself so much of the time I ended up with some geometries that were almost impossible to unwrap to texture. This is what I wanted to focus on in subsequent projects.

This shows the progression of the render as I went through and improved the different areas, I continued to improve and add new objects. Each had their own specific challenges associated.

These show the finished office. I built the whole thing with animation in mind. I have rendered out an animation, but it took many hours due to the hardware in my computer. I have since replaced my GPU with a top of the range model and may revisit this when I have improved my skills.