EMBLA - Future Workplace

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Embla is a business proposition for a multifaceted system that uses near-future technology to allow young office workers entering the workplace to better manage their wellbeing and non-productive workplace stress.

Embla creates a dynamic sympathetic workplace environment by using biometric analysis, data processing and internet of things (IOT) technology to allow physical aspects of the work environment to change in order to better manage stress. By comparing live biometric data to the current output states, a feedback loop can assess which changes best affect a person’s individual need, and adjust them accordingly to create a personalised office profile.


I designed an office and then converted it to Unity and implemented VR controls.


I designed an App to control the office and process information from the monitor Bracelet


I created the branding for the design and some guidelines to go with it.


Additional Illustrations


Full Report is available here: 📎