Smart Speaker - 4 hour project

Smart Speaker for your desktop PC.

Designed to go under your main desktop display, this smart speaker can connect to your computer. Control the media directly using a tactile touch screen and physical control input.

The Speaker features 4 x 4.5 inch internal drivers and an internal amplified passive speaker for excellent bass. An OLED shines through a pinhole layer, creating a more pleasant passive lighting experience. This allows for a more tactile feeling touchscreen experience.

A quick product design exercise I did, when I had an evening free. I just wanted to get some industrial design and rendering practice. I also used this as an exercise to try an place the render into a really really difficult real life scene.

This lighting scenario was as bad as I could make it. It has 3 major light sources each with a different position, direction, colour and brightness. I had to match these light sources and the camera perspective to try and get render that fits into the scene.

Finally I matched the colour and tweaked the saturation, contrast and white balance.

The render still looks a bit out of place but this will be fixed if the lighting was not so much of a nightmare. Decreasing the number of light sources, and making the lighting more directional will help to fit the render in to the scene.