The Gallery | Illustrations

Illustration is a passion of mine. I find it relaxing, and extremely useful. For the last 7 years I have pursued this passion. I have over this time, tried many different styles. Collected here is a cross section of these.


Physical Augmentations | Hackathon prototype designs | 2018

In preparation for a FutureHack, I wanted to communicate and formalise my thoughts about physical augmentations in the future. This was a new style for me, striking a balance between simplicity and clarity.


Sci-fi Earphone designs | Product design sketching practice | 2017

During my projects I find that I have to sketch many different ideas in a short time. I wanted to improve these drawings so I practiced and practiced. Improving my speed and clarity of the drawings.


Warriors | Rough illustration style development and practice | 2018

Digital work flows are quite unique in illustration. Rough sketches like these take on this fantastic perfect imperfection. The flat colours and matte lines have a completely distinct look unachievable by different media.


Out of the archives | First digital painting | 2017

Digital painting is strangely satisfying with the non-destructive nature of layering. In the process of learning, I could do each layer without fear of ruining the previous work. It make digital painting great for experimentation without fear of damage to the piece, especially when learning.


Landscapes | Silhouette landscapes with simplified colours | 2017

During the Eider project, I developed an app. Originally these background would guide you through the app, dropping back layer by layer as you progress through the call out. The app became simplified over time and so these illustrations were removed. I still like the style and it taught me a lot about colour.


Hands | Anatomical drawings on paper | 2015

I wanted to really challenge myself to draw arguably the most complex part of the human form. I spent a week trying to do as many of these as possible.